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Why is it important to pre-plan?

Pre-planning can make all the difference

It’s not easy to talk but it is a fact of life - we'll all be leaving at some point.  Why not make those plans long before needed?  It’s one of the most important decisions that will effect your loved ones.  Show them how much you care by pre-planning your service so that many of the details are in place and your life can be celebrated the way you want.  It will give your loved ones peace-of-mind and allow them to properly grieve when the time does come.

Personalize your wishes in writing

Our dedicated Memorial Counselors can help you walk through many of those items that need to be thought out.  One of the ways we help you go through this process is by giving you our Personal Planner (sometimes referred to as a Survivor's Guide).  It will be a guide in walking out things you might not even think to say that might be of much help to your loved ones at the worst possible time.  By pre-planning your loved ones will celebrate your life the way you wanted, right down to the songs and message.  Those details that are important to you, will be available for your loved ones to see in writing, just the way you planned it.

Save time and money

Protect your loved ones from inflation by locking in today’s prices.  Many of the purchases needed can be paid for well in advance of a need saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars and giving loved ones peace of mind that there won’t be a funding ‘short-fall’.  Ask about Valley View's finance plans too.  Learn More.