because they're family too!

Your pet can be memorialized and remembered in the way you see fit, whether by a full service or even a simple celebration - it's up to you!  Their lives were important so why not give your pet what you want and allow your loved ones to be there and say goodbye.  It is a grieving process let Valley View be there to help you through it.


Valley View Memorial Park’s Pet Haven, located on the southwest side of the cemetery is dedicated to pets.  Whether you'd like a more green burial or a traditional vault, all burials are recorded in our computerized database for future reference and added to the directory.  Let us know how Valley View can help you.  

Packages are available that can include a graveside memorial service or indoor service and reception at the Celebration Center, depending on family needs and taste to make their pet’s final resting place unique and its own.  It is not mandatory that pets be cremated prior to burial but it is recommended.  For more details on this, just ask your Memorial Counselor.  Urns, memorabilia and other items are available for your pet through Valley View.  Single and group burial options are available.  For single burials, a flat marker or granite stone is required.  Memorial stones and markers are available through Valley View as well.  A perpetual care fee and approval is needed if an outside vendor is used for a marker, monument or vault.  If a tent is request, it can be provided by Valley View for a nominal fee.

Our pets show unconditional love and are there for us. Shouldn’t we be there for them? They deserve dedication and respect.  Let Valley View help you prepare for your beloved companion's passing before hand so it doesn't have to done in a rush and at the worst possible time.  

Payment plans available so why wait?   


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