Columbarium Niches the Gardens

In 1955, Valley View Memorial Park was envisioned to be a lovely rolls area of gardens and fields.  Of course, now the city of Manhattan has begun to encroach around the cemetery a bit but once you begin to walk in the beautiful gardens, you forget all the hub-bub of the traffic and relax.  It's a very peaceful and comforting place where loved ones continue to come back and visit those who have gone before them.  Though many traditional and cremation lots remain in the Garden of Devotions, most of the lots in the Garden of Christus have been pre-sold so if you're interested in lots near family in Christus garden, there's no time like the present to pre-plan.  


You'll notice that in the Garden of Christus on the right side of the statue of Jesus, this is where you’ll find Valley View Memorial Park’s first public-use columbarium we call “Matthew".  If you're looking for a cremation option, an above ground niche is a wonderful option. This beautiful and dignified granite choice allows for another option if cremation is chosen.  It is a modern way to be memorialized at a fraction of the cost of in-ground burial.  Niches are still available for pre-purchase but space is limited and prices will only increase. 

Payment plans available so why wait?