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History & Staff

Our Story


Valley View Memorial was in despair for years on end to the point that the state was prepared to seize the business from the previous owner. That was until three years ago Mark, and Caron Berges stepped in and made the decision to acquire the place, change the name to Valley View Memorial Park and begin to reinvent it into a place where the community can memorialize their loved ones in a beautiful and dignified way.

Our Facilities


In 2017, Valley View opened the Pet Haven.... because pets pare a part of the family too!  Upright memorial sales were also introduced of upright stones into Valley View.


The Celebration Center was built in 2018 & gave Valley View a place where life could be celebrated!  It also gave the staff a place to meet with clients and host events.

Our Staff


In 2016, Mark and Caron Berges took a leap of faith and acquired Valley View Memorial Park.  With Mark's cemetery industry experience and Caron's business background and the entrepreneurial ventures, the couple had under their belts, they were determined to bring Valley View back to life.  

Our Approach

After the purchase of Valley View work began immediately to bring our community their first ever full-service cemetery. The first year was focused on bringing the park grounds back to life by doing extensive ground maintenance. While do so we also digitized previous, and on going records to ensure our current and previous history is protected and kept safe.

After finishing initial ground maintenance we proceeded to build our communities one, and only Pet Haven to allow families a proper way to memorialize these important members of their family.

Followed by our Pet Haven came our Celebration Center to provide a great opportunity to memorialize, and even celebrate the life of the one lost through our multi-purpose space for indoor services, gatherings, and events for holidays like Memorial day and Veteran’s day. Finally our most recent addition is our new Granite Columbarium. The Columbarium allows those who are interested in cremation rather than traditional burial an opportunity to be memorialized in a beautiful and dignified way at just a fraction of traditional costs.